Sunday, September 22, 2013

Patience, perseverance & trickery!

My 6th round opponent was Yogesh Gautam (2047).A tricky player and quite strong in trappy play. I played Catalan with white and he played the open catalan. He played Nc6 move to Bg5 which is not theory. I played safely and secured a small edge. The entire game revolved around whether he could play c5 or not. He defended nicely and at one point I felt as if there is no way but to accept a draw. I had a 28 min advantage but slowly not only the time but also my energy drained out. I did something interesting at that point. Unlike Dubai where I would blunder in such situations, I ran to a nearby shop and drank milk. Immediately I felt better and starred seeing better. Funny thing is seeing me drinking milk, he too ran to the shop but the one I drank was the last. Thats what he told me after the game. Soon he played c5 but turned out be a mistake as I set a small trap in which he fell. As I always say sometimes its not wirth achieving something that u were trying for a long time!

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