Saturday, October 26, 2013

The crucial rd.12

Yesterday was a nice day for me! I beat a GM after long time. Yes on 20th oct 2013 I beat M R Lalith Babu 2583 with the white pieces. It was a tense game in which I managed to hold my nerve. Now I face the young and talented Murali Karthikeyan 2444 in rd.12. Its a tricky position that I am in. I am 8/11 and I think 9.5/13 is required to qualify. So I need a win in the last 2 rds. I have decided to play the Bg5 line in open catalan. Its a safe line and draw is a very likely result. However if he goes wrong I can have my chances. Considering that he likes tactical positions, I think this is an interesting choice! Lets hope for the best!
21st oct 04.20 am.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wil to win

To win is to believe. Sometimes its not enough that we play the best moves. We need to believe that we can win. Once we have this belief other things fall in place. Today I py praneeth surya 2210 a player with whom I have drawn twice. Today more than opening preparation, I need mental preparation that I will play for win no matter what he hurls at me! There are 64 mins left for the game. Its time to start thinking for a win.

Round 3 Harshal Shahi

The tournament has not yet taken off it seems. I still feel as if I am at home. But today it has to change. I have to give my all. To fight like a warrior. My opponent Harshal Shahi(2010) is a young kid. If I play my best he doesn't have a chance. The key is to be hungry for making good moves! Lets do it!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

National Challengers 2013 starts!

I sit here at the Dadar railway station waiting for my 12137 punjab mail to come. Its an important event for me. The national Challengers 2013. Its my chance to make it big because only 9 qualify for the national premier. I ve worked decently.maybe not as much as I would ve liked but good enough to finish in the top 9. Prior to the day of going always some or d other problem crops up and today it was no diffeeent. Yet I think its good I ve to face fights with my family gf or others for it strengthens my resolve to do better against all odds. I start as the 30th seed I guess. I just dont ve any aims. Its my aim to just play a good game of chess. I am going to flow wid d flow n thats y I havent even booked a hotel. I hope all will go well.