Saturday, October 26, 2013

The crucial rd.12

Yesterday was a nice day for me! I beat a GM after long time. Yes on 20th oct 2013 I beat M R Lalith Babu 2583 with the white pieces. It was a tense game in which I managed to hold my nerve. Now I face the young and talented Murali Karthikeyan 2444 in rd.12. Its a tricky position that I am in. I am 8/11 and I think 9.5/13 is required to qualify. So I need a win in the last 2 rds. I have decided to play the Bg5 line in open catalan. Its a safe line and draw is a very likely result. However if he goes wrong I can have my chances. Considering that he likes tactical positions, I think this is an interesting choice! Lets hope for the best!
21st oct 04.20 am.

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