Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 2- Outing at Pelling!!

We slept off on the first day thinking why hotel Mount Pandim was considered to be the best hotel in Pelling! And we had just awake from our dreams and open the curtain of our window and lo!!!!... we were in paradise!!! Oh my God i have never seen a better view before! with Mount Pandim right in front of you and the third highest peak in India Mt Kanchungzonga which is 8560 mt high in background it was view which i had not even seen in Switzerland!! Snow clad mountains were like the icing on the cake. You only needed to go out on the lawn which had nicely arranged chairs and tables where you could simply sip a coffee and enjoy the marvellous view!! the climate too was perfect!! around 12-14 degree celsius!! We realised why Mount Pandim was so superb!! It was just the view which made the hotel which costed around 5500/- per day(inclusive of breakfast,lunch and dinner) worth every penny!! Now we had to decide what to do next. as there was a strike it wasnt so easy to go to the various site seeing places. But we went to a monastery which was just 5 mins off our hotel! it was pretty good but from the monastery we saw the Rabdentse ruins! it looked so beautiful from there that we immediately decided that we just had to go there!! it looked really far! but it didnt matter, it was just too beautiful to resist! We walked 30 mins and reached the base of the Ruins which is famously known as the palace over here. from the base there was another 15-20 mins of trek upwards! but finally after all that hardwork we were treated with such a beautiful view!! Rabdentse was once the capital of sikkim but due to its proximity to the nepal boundary it was changed! Rabdentse had the palace of the king in 1700s and this was now known as the rabdentse ruins! the archaeological society of india had given this site the title of archaeologically inportant site! that is why it was so well maintained! i meditated over there for some time and then just enjoyed the view! finally we started our journey backwards at around 1.30 and reached our hotel at around 2.30. the rest of the day was spent just admiring the beauty and taking rest! The Rabdentse Ruins is a place in Pelling which you just cant miss!

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