Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 6- Going to Lachung!

We left the hidden forest resort,Gangtok on the 8th of April at 10 am. We were heading towards Lachung which was 116 km away. But we couldnt leave early as the permit which is required for going to Lachung is sanctioned only around 9 am. We reached the Tashi point at 10.30. From that point you can see the view of Mt Kachenjunga but that is rarely the case as the view is always blocked by clouds.So we left that point at 11. next stop was the seven sisters waterfall! usually these sights are just made so that your long journey is broken up into pieces. and the main reason we stop is just so that we can answer the natures call rather than to see the sight! Seven sisters water fall wasnt very great. it is named so, because it turns 7 times. we left then and reached the small village of Mangan at 2 pm.Mangan is a town which is exactly between Gangtok and Lachung. We had our lunch there and left around 3 pm. Lachung was another 60 km off and it took us another 3 hrs to reach there! At Lachung we had booked the best hotel. The Yarlam hotel! Infact the entire trip right from hidden forest to Yarlam and from Yarlam to Yumthang and back to Gangtok was entirely arranged by Yarlam hotel and it cost us 20,000rs for 4 people. The bad thing about Lachung is that there is absolutely no mobile network over there except for BSNL. So it would make sense to inform your loved ones before hand or else they might get worried as they wont be able to contact you for an entire day. The temperature in Lachung was really low. It was nearly 6 degree celsius. The remaining day we couldnt do much as it was dark outside and we were really tired. We watched the IPL opening ceremony and then had a sumptuous dinner. It was really tasty food! the rooms were excellent . All in all Yarlam is a hotel which i would recommend wholeheartedly.

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