Thursday, April 7, 2011

day 5-sight seeing in Gangtok!

Gangtok the capital of sikkim is considered to be a place where there are lot of sights to see! but i guess the things which we saw were more than enough to get the feel of the land! We left our hotel at 9 am after having a nice breakfast in the hidden forest hotel! We had taken a Wagon R as a big car was not necessary for this local sight seeing. it cost us rs 1500/- the following are the places that we saw. 1.Ban Jhankri water falls by far the best place in gangtok!! superbly situated and beautifully planned! i think that is a place which is not worth missing! superb water falls situated in nice ambience! 2.Stupa the stupa is reached after you have climbed a steep road for 2-3 mins! and its a nice place. there you can see the monks practising their slokas or performing poojas or studying! its worth a try. 3.Institute of Tibetology it is just 2 mins from the Stupa and has a very nice museum. the museum is worth visiting as you get a nice idea about the buddhist culture. also the entry fee of 10 rs entitles you to get a post card which u can send to ur dear ones as the post office is just 5 mins away from there!(we did that) 4.Rope way the rope way though a little expensive 70rs, is also worth a try because you can get a nice view of the entire city of gangtok. 5.Eigin Monastery. beautiful monastery but i always feel like i have wasted some time visiting it because i simply cant understand anything written on painted on the walls! 6.flower exhibition beautiful flowers grown! a nice place for photography! and in a entry fee of just 10 rs you can just ask for anything more!! the sweet scent of flowers sets up your mood for the day! 7. the handicraft institution! the best place for me! though i am not sure whether everyone would like it! the best thing i liked was that you could enter any classroom in this college of handicraft and then look around! there were many classes. 1 was wood carving, other was weaving, one was multi craft! you could see children working woth full dedication on the thing they loved! it was sheer art and there were no rules! anyone could sit everywhere!! i simply loved the atmosphere there! also there was an exhibition downstairs where you could buy what was being made by the students in the class! Thus ended the sight seeing of Gangtok! there are many other places we could have visited like ganesh tok,zoology center etc but we didnt visit them as they were not so good!(we came to know about it!) after the sight seeing which lasted for 7 hrs i.e till 4 pm, we went to to the M.G.Road again and sat in one of the best cafes i have ever visited. it was called the Baker's cafe! i am sure that that cafe would even give the best cafe's in mumbai, a run for their money! it was simply awesome! the ambience, the music and the food! all combined to make it one of the best restaurants on the Mall road. A place which i would surely recommend! the rest of the day was spent in loitering here and there on the Mall road and then having dinner in the subway sandwich shop! and finally making our way back to the hotel at 9 pm and then going off to sleep! tomorrows going to be a great day as we leave gangtok for 2 days to go to Lachung!

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