Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 7-Yumthang! Here we come!

One of the best days of our trip! We had a light breakfast in Yarlam and left for Yumthang which is 24 km away at 7.30 in the morning. It was important to leave early as we had to return back to Gangtok in the afternoon! so reaching Yumthang takes exactly 1 hr from Lachung and the road for getting there is filled with lots of fun! you can see some varities of rhododendron which is the state flower! Few Yaks and loads of army men! there are Army camps over there and the sight is really nice! plus you can see the snow capped mountain ranges from a very close view! Yumthang is know for its valley of flowers but unfortunately april is not the right season for the flowers to bloom and hence we were not able to see the flowers! But still it was so amazing!! you could just imagine how beautiful the sight must be in May when the flowers are in full bloom! so the sight was something like this! Green plains! and after walking that you see the river Tista flowing! and you are surrounded on all sides by the snow capped mountains!! We took a lot of pictures! and spent some nice time just sitting quietly and enjoying the sound of the river! We also played with the snow and made a snow man!! over all it was super fun! the temperature too was ok! cold was bearable! somewhere around 7-8 degrees. there is also a zero point beyond Yumthang but due to extreme snowfall it is closed in april. I think it opens in the month of May. That is the end of India and you can see China from there. We left yumthang at 10.30 and reached yarlam at 11.30. We took some rest, had lunch and left for Gangtok at 1 pm. We thought all would be fine and we would reach Gangtok in 6 hrs but little did we know that our path was frittered with dangers.

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