Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day1-The trip to Sikkim begins.

We started our trip to sikkim from the domestic airport of mumbai on 3rd april 2011 at 6.30 am. we reached the airport at 7 am. the flight was jet airlines at 8 am. it wasnt a direct flight. we had to change over at delhi. We reached delhi by 10 am and then immediately taken to our next flight which left delhi at 11 pm. We reached Bagdogra airport at 1 pm. Bagdogra is a very strategically situated airport in West Bengal. That is the closest airport because there is still no airport in Sikkim. We took a Prepaid taxi (innova) from the airport that cost us 3000/- and would take us to pelling. it is a kind of hill station in sikkim. usually people first go to gangtok when they come to sikkim but we had this utter bad luck that there was a two day strike on 4th and 5th of april. that would mean that there would be no transport facility available. as a result we decided to go to Pelling where we could spend some quiet time and would not have to travel much. We had our lunch at a restaurant called City Dhaba. was a pretty decent restaurant. A small advice: eat very light. the road has too many turns and if you have eaten a lot like me then you would have to stop the car midway to vomit (like me!!). The drivers here are pretty skilled so the route which is around 170 km is covered within 4-4.30 hrs. We then stopped at a small village called Jorethang to have a cup of tea. well of course the road up going up there was very difficult but if you arent feeling vomitty then it is a superb scenery that you can enjoy. throughtout the road you have trees on one side of the road and you can see the river tista flowing down the other side! We reached our hotel Eigin's Mount Pandim at 7pm. We had done some research and we knew that it was an excellent hotel but we couldnt see much reason why it was so great. It didnt have any extra facilities like gym nor any sports facilities. hence we were not sure why the hotel was so great! the man at reception said:" sir have your dinner and just wait for tomorrow morning and you will understand why this hotel is so great!!"

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