Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 3- Lazing Around!

The third day was characterised with by rest, rest and more rest! and who would blame you when you could just lay in your bed, open the curtains to your room and just look at the beautiful mountains!! but still just as some exercise we went to the city center of pelling. we also wanted to see the 2nd best hotel of penning known as the norbu ghang resort. to tell you the truth it would come as a distant second. Mount Pandim is way too good!! the best thing about norbu ghang was that it cost around 3000/- per day but wasnt inclusive of breakfast lunch or dinner! but then if you want to have food outside economically speaking this hotel can be a good choice! but if you are looking for quality then mount pandim has to be your choice!

The food in Mount Pandim is pretty good! though you must agree its pretty one tracked! but still you cant complain when you have the choice of 3 vegetables( baingan bharta and karela were a few that i didnt like!) rice dal roti and 2 desserts!

thus our 2.5 days ended in mount pelling! even though there was a strike we enjoyed a lot in the mount pandim hotel sometimes just sleeping, sometimes playing cards and sometimes just looking at the view!!

Tomorrows plan includes site seeing in Pelling as now the strike is over and we can see the places which are far off. that would last 4 hrs and then we would leave for gangtok at around 1-1.30 pm. its a 4 hr trip. i just hope gangtok will not just be as beautiful but also more happening and interesting than Pelling!

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