Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 4- From Pelling to Gangtok!

the 4th day started early as we had to accomplish two tasks! 1. to see the places in Pelling as now the strike had been called off. 2. to reach Gangtok before night. We started at 8 am for the pelling site seeing. First they took us to the rock garden. it was a nicely made garden which had steps leading down to the rocks and from there you could see the river flowing! it was a nice place but not a place that i would recommend you to see at all costs!! on the way we say the Rimbi falls which can be best described in the words of my dad,"arey itna paani to mumbai mein naala futne par aata hai!!!" Next stop was the kanchenjunga waterfalls! it was really nice! the water was pouring down with force and water would sprinkle on you! also the people over there said that you could see the ram dhanushya being formed in the water when the falls splash on them. i didnt see it but if you can then surely do take a pic of it!! the final destination in the pelling site seeing was the wishing lake. it was way is said that whatever you wish in that lake becomes true! I wished that hopefully i can keep my future wife very happy!!! heheh!! a very tall task even for that pristine lake! the lake is very clean because the sparrows come and pick up any leaves or anything floating on the lake! the lake was good but none too impressive! then we left for gangtok at 1 pm. the hotel staff had packed lunch for us! we had it in between because its not advisable to have a heavy lunch before a long trip! we reached gangtok in 4.30 hrs. by 5.30 we were in the room in the hotel called hidden forest retreat!it is a good hotel and costs around 2000 rs per day inclusive of breakfast. it is 1.5 km away from the main point of the gangtok city called the M.G. road or the mall road. we were very tired and at the same time it was raining heavily! but we decided to make full use of the time. we took 2 umbrellas from the hotel and left! the Mall road was some kind of a European concept. there were shops on both sides of the road and fountains and trees planted in the middle. only pedestrians were allowed to walk and no cars were allowed! Music would be played and u could see a lot of tourists! all and all Mall road is a great place to visit! very happening place! we finally came back to our hotel at 8 in the evening. a taxi would cost us rs 80. we had our dinner then and then due to the very tiring day we called it a day off around 9 pm! The Pelling site seeing according to me can be avoided! its not only some kind of waste of money but also of time! at the same time the mall road is a must visit place in gangtok!

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